Policies ensure equitable treatment for all patrons and provide a framework for library operations and services. The following are Groton Public Library-specific policies, but GPL also follows Town, MVLC library network, state, and federal policies, as well as those of library service providers.

  • Program Policy

    Program Policy
    Approved May 2006; Revised September 2016

    About library programs:

    Libraries have always been spaces where people can come to learn and expand their horizons. In addition to books and other free physical and digital materials and resources, libraries provide opportunities for hands on learning and engagement beyond education or entertainment. In recognition of this shift in a library’s role and value, programming and creation spaces have grown exponentially. The library is dedicated to diversity of viewpoints, advancing literacy, and fostering lifelong learning. We strive to offer programs that reflect the needs and interests of all our community members. While not all programs will appeal to everyone, it is important that all members of our community feel welcome and see themselves reflected in our programming and our collections.