We are always grateful to Groton taxpayers and voters for their ongoing support of the library. But sometimes people ask how else they can support GPL.

Library Gift Policy

  • Book Donations

    With extremely limited storage space, we can only accept a small bag of gently used, good condition books or other materials at a time.

    If you wish to donate a large quantity of books, see below.

    Other places to donate:

    • Several area libraries are happy to take donations Friends' book sale fundraisers. Find book sales using Book Sale Finder website.
    • There is a collection box at the Transfer Station which supports More Than Words.

  • Donate Objects

    While less common, occasionally someone offers the donation of a physical object to the Library Director. The Library Director will then bring it to the Library Trustees, who make all decisions regarding receipt, use, care, and disposition of articles of value made available to the Groton Public Library.

    The following considerations shall be part of any such decision:

    • relevance to the mission of the Groton Public Library
    • concerns regarding display, theft, or storage
    • expenses relative to acquisition, maintenance, restoration, insurance, and/or disposal.

    Any appraisal valuation deemed necessary by the Library Trustees or desired by the donor shall be at the expense of the donor. The use and disposal of any and all gifts shall be at the sole discretion of the Library Trustees. A majority vote of the Library Trustees will be required to accept, maintain, and/or dispose of any gifts. Any funds received from the disposition of said gifts shall be deposited into the Library Gift Fund.

    Loan Addendum

    In the event that an individual or organization desires to loan an item to the Groton Public Library for temporary display or use, the following policies apply.

    At and during the loan period the donor must maintain adequate insurance to replace or repair the item. Neither the Groton Public Library nor the Town of Groton assumes the responsibility for damage by fire, theft, loss, or any other occurrence while on loan to the Groton Public Library. The loan terms and conditions must be documented by the Library Director and approved by the Library Trustees. A written agreement must be signed by both the donor and Library Director including any donor instructions.

    GPL Gift Offer Form

  • Monetary Donations

    Monetary gifts are always welcome, and help support services, programs, and enhancements above and beyond the library's operating budget.

    Ways to give:

    • GPL Gift Fund: Checks made out to Groton Public Library go into the Gift Fund, overseen by the Library Board of Trustees.
    • GPL Endowment Trust: Checks or online donations to the GPL Endowment Trust are invested for the ongoing, future benefit of the library.

  • Support Libraries

    Ways to support libraries:

    • Vote
    • Use your local library
    • Tell your elected officials what libraries mean to you
    • Instill a love of reading and libraries in your children and grandchildren
    • Check out I Love Libraries, an initiative of the American Library Association

  • Volunteer

    We're sorry, but the library currently does not have any openings for volunteers, except for teens.

    Those still interested in volunteering at a future time can fill out a Volunteer Application Form.

In the lobby, there is a collection bin for Loaves & Fishes, as well as free puzzle and magazine swaps.