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GPL offers a variety of technology resources to meet the needs of our patrons . They are available to all during GPL's open hours. Wi-Fi is available outside the building in the garden and parking lot.

  • Computers

    The Library provides computers for public use on the top floor with Internet access, online databases, and Microsoft Office applications (Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint). Sign up at the Reference Desk. Users are guaranteed at least 30 minutes, but may continue as long as no one is waiting.

    There are also Express PCs on the upper and middle levels. These stand-up computers have no sign-up and are available for up to 15 minutes to check email or for other short-term use.

    The Children’s Room has computers for Internet access or for playing educational and instructional children’s games. These computers are reserved for families with children (up to Grade 5). Children under 6 years old must be under the direct supervision of a parent or caregiver when using a computer. Sign up to use these computers at the Children’s Room Desk. Users are guaranteed at least 30 minutes and may continue as long as no one is waiting.

    The Library’s catalog is available on every computer on the top floor. Some computers on the second floor and in the Children’s Room are reserved for catalog use only. Also on the second floor, adults will find a computer especially for Readers Advisory - to help you pick out the next book you’d like to read.

    When you use a computer, you agree to abide by our Computer Use Policy. Content filters are not installed on any library computer.

    You may use a CD-R or USB flash drive to save your documents. Printing is available on the upper level and in the Children’s Room. See Equipment & Tools for more information on printing.

    If you wish to bring your own laptop to the library, but don’t have wireless capability, contact in advance to see if a direct wired connection can be set up for your visit.

    You may also borrow headphones.

  • WiFi Access

    Bring your own laptop computer or other WiFi devices to the library and use our wireless network throughout the building. The Groton Public Library network supports the IEEE 802.11 a, b, and g standards. Staff at the upper level Reference Desk can offer limited troubleshooting and technical support. Staff cannot be held responsible for any damage or malfunction that results from assistance they provide.

    In using the WiFi network, you agree to abide by our Computer Use Policy.

    Wireless printing is available at the Reference Desk. The same charges apply as for library network printing described above ($.10/page after the first 3 pages (free) for b&w printing, and $.25/page for color printing).

    The Library’s wireless network is not secure. You are responsible for protecting your computer. We recommend you run an anti-virus program, a personal firewall, and, in the case of Windows, stay up to date on security patches from Microsoft’s Windows Update site. Please take appropriate precautions. Any information being transmitted could potentially be intercepted by another wireless network user. We advise not transmitting any personal information (credit card numbers, passwords and any other sensitive information) while using any public wireless hot spot, including the Library’s.

  • Borrow a Laptop

    The Library has a limited number of laptop computers available to use in the library, as well as for use by students during school half-day programs (Llama Lounges) and other events.

    Laptops are available at the Reference Desk on the upper level, when not in use for programs. The laptops have Internet access through our WiFi network and come installed with basic Windows applications. You may borrow a laptop in the library for up to two hours.

    In using the laptop network, you agree to abide by our Computer Use Policy and Electronic Device Borrowing Policy.