Edward Birch and Christopher Riemer, Photographs

October 20 - December 5, 2021 (extended to Dec. 12)

Edward Birch, Still Life with Tomato

Edward Birch takes the “old school” approach to his photography. Loading any one of his antique cameras with black and white film, he composes his symphonies of light and shadow and then lab-develops the outcome.

Ed’s camera arsenal consists of vintage collectibles, and his story is a slice of classic Americana:

“Originally from New Jersey, I learned much of my basic knowledge of photography from my father. After serving as a U. S. Army Air Corp photo specialist, he grew to be an avid hobbyist. As a result, I grew up with several classic cameras and a fully equipped darkroom in our basement.

After high school, I spent some time in Boston. Then, in 1972, I was drafted by the Military and decided to enlist in the USAF, where, after basic training, I was assigned to duty as a photographic specialist and a photo lab tech. This experience was really where my passion began.”

Chris Riemer, a young product of Groton, is exploring new paths of expression in photography. Like Ed, his primary medium of choice is film, but it’s mainly color film. Working with specialized and novelty lenses, his experimental techniques yield remarkable, dazzling results that border on abstraction. He avoids digital editing for his effects.

Ken Hansen,

Generously supported by the Groton Public Library Endowment Trust.

Exhibition Photo Gallery

  • Edward Birch, "Ice Over Wave"
  • Christopher Riemer, "Groton, MA, October 2016"
  • Edward Birch, "Train Gear"
  • Christopher Riemer, "Groton, MA, July 2016"
  • Edward Birch, "Still Life with Tomato"
  • Christopher Riemer, "Westford, MA, December 2018"

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    October 20 through December 5, 2021
  • TINA FRANZISKA JOST, photographs
    December 8 through January 23, 2022

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