• Printing

    Printing is available at public computers on the upper level (please sign in at the Reference Desk) and in the Children’s Room. Please pay for printing at the Reference Desk or Children's Desk.

    Cost of printing:

    • $0.10/page after the first 3 pages (free) for black and white printing
    • $0.25/page for color printing

  • Photocopier

    A photocopier is available on the upper level of the Library in the Computer Room. The machine makes black & white or color copies on standard letter (8.5 x 11) or legal (8.5 x 14) paper. With assistance from staff at the reference desk, the copier can print on oversize (11 x 17) paper. It can also reduce or enlarge copies and make 2-sided copies. A bill changer accepts coins or bills for payment.

    Cost of photocopies:

    • $0.10 per side for b&w copying on letter or legal size paper
    • $0.25 per side for color copying on letter or legal size paper
    • $0.20 per side for b&w copying on 11 x 17 paper
    • $0.50 per side for color copying on 11 x 17 paper

  • Fax Machine & Scanning Station

    Patrons may use a self-serve scanner/fax machine located on the upper level of the library. Documents may be scanned and faxed. Scans may also be emailed or transferred to your own USB flash drive. There is no charge for scanning/faxing.

    Faxing station is for outgoing fax only. No incoming fax accepted.

    The Scan/Fax station generously provided by the GPL Endowment Trust.

  • 3D Printing

    The Library owns a 3D printer. To request a 3D print, please submit this form. The request will be reviewed by staff and printed on the 3D printer if it complies with our 3D print policy and meets the specifications. Please refer to the 3D Printer Policies & Procedures.

    Please note that staff members are available for 3D print service and inquiries from Tuesday through Friday only.

    The 3D printer made possible thanks to the GPL Endowment Trust.

  • Remote Faxing Service

    Reference staff can send faxes for you.

    • Please place documents to be faxed in an envelope and write your name and address on it. If you provide an email address, the fax machine will send you confirmation of transmission.
    • Place the envelope with your documents in the book drop at the library’s back door. They will be collected and faxes sent once a day.
    • If you want to pick up your documents from the library after faxing, indicate that in a note and you may pick them up at the Circulation Desk on the midlevel. If you don’t indicate that you will pickup your documents, we will shred them. Documents that have not been claimed from the Circulation Desk will be shredded and recycled after 30 days.