Did you know you can do a targeted search of just the YA books in our catalog?

Search the MVLC Catalog for YA books 

Here are some tips on how you can use MVLC’s Advanced Search to filter search results for new books recently added to Groton’s YA collection:

  • Set the Search Filters to search only items for teens. In the box labeled “Audience,” select “Teen” from the list of options.
  • Under “Sort Results,” if you select “Sort by Publication Date: Newest to Oldest,” you will see the newest books at the top of your returned search results.
  • Or, if you know you are looking for a book published in the current year, change the box under “Publication Year” to include items only from that year.
  • You can further refine your search by limiting results by particular genres (fiction, nonfiction, graphic novel) or format (book, audiobook, DVD, etc.).
  • If you leave the “Search Input” boxes empty (don’t enter any keywords), but just press the Search button at the bottom, you will get all items that match your filter. For example, all YA audiobooks published in 2013.
  • As always, ask a librarian if you want help learning how to search the catalog or find materials. That’s why we’re here!

Books on Order

Search New Books on Order

You can use the New Books on Order feature to see which books, DVDs and CDs will soon be arriving at GPL.  You can: 

  • Search for a book by entering an author’s name or book title.
  • Or, you can see a list of items on order for the YA collection.

Here’s how to set that filter:

  1. In the “Sort by” column, chose the order you’d like for your list (Author, Title, Order Date)
  2. Highlight “YA” in the “Select By” column.
  3. In the “Received In” column, highlight the option “coming soon.”
  4. Click “Submit Query.”

If you find a book you’d like, you can place a request and be the first person to check it out.

New Books on Order is also a great place to search for new DVDs and music CDs.