Support Your Library

Volunteerism and community involvement are a major part of life in Groton.  The Library exemplifies that with a volunteer core of 44 individuals of all ages who assist with shelving, mending, storytelling, and much more.  The Library’s Volunteer Policy gives details on this program.

Currently, the Library has a limited number of regular volunteer positions, but can sometimes use help for special projects including the digital library project, supervision at young adults programs, advisory committees and assisting behind the scenes with the perpetual booksale.  Call or come by the library to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

Other ways to support the Library:

  • Visit the Library and offer suggestions for books/movies or programs.
  • Make a donation to GPL Endowment Fund
  • Buy books from the perpetual booksale

You are invited to join our dedicated group of volunteers who assist Library staff with many activities.  Sharing your time and talents makes a big difference in our operations. Volunteer service is performed with guidance and support from the staff.

For further information, stop by the Circulation Desk, email or call us at 978-448-1167.