Wireless Printing with Princh

Princh is a company that offers cloud-based printing on our wireless printer. With Princh it is now possible to print in black & white or color from any mobile device, laptop or the library’s PCs. It also allows you to pay for your print jobs in advance.

Princh Wireless Printing

How to print?

Wireless printing with Princh is now available as an option, in addition to our older networked printers (B&W laser printer, color inkjet printer).

dot Printing from your phone or tablet

The new printing solution is available on mobile phones and tablets. Download the free Princh app from the App Store or Google Play. Check the printing from your iPhone video guide or the printing from your Android video guide to see the steps you need to follow to start.

dot Printing from your own laptop

You can also print from your own laptop at the library by visiting the print.princh.com webpage. Check the printing from your laptop video guide to see the instructions.

dot Printing from a library PC

The print function on the library’s computers works the same way as usual. All the setting options e.g., specification of number of pages and color choices are up to you. Check the PC printing video guide to learn more.

How can I pay?

With Princh, you can pay online from your device via card (Visa, Mastercard) or with MobilePay.

Printing costs $.10/page for b&w printing, and $.25/page for color printing.