January 3 - March 4, 2017

Cathy Bellino, Mill House Quilt
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Quilting exists in a nexus between a practical craft and a vehicle for artistic expression. Generally defined as two layers of cloth held together by stitching with a batting layer in the middle, the quilt’s functional purpose is, of course, to provide warmth and comfort. As with any hand-made useful object, the quilter has an opportunity to decorate, make aesthetic judgments, and discover inventive techniques that contribute to the evolution of the craft. We are featuring a sampler by five area practitioners, with styles ranging from the traditional approach to treatments of purely expressive intent.

Cathy Granese, Winter Trip
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Cathy Bellino is the owner of LiveWarm of Chelmsford. She is showing two collaborative bed coverings, one of which is inspired by a quilt made by novelist Jane Austen.

Cathy Granese lives in Stoneham and is a member of the Lowell Fiber Artist Group.

Ginger Parker of Littleton calls herself, first, a wife and mother of five, with a passion for quilting as a close second.

Ginger Parker, Garden Medallion
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Dorry Swain is well known in quilting circles in and around her home of Shirley.

Allison Wilbur is centered in Barrington, Rhode Island. With husband Dick Wilbur, she runs Quilt for Change, a non-profit project that sponsors art quilt exhibits for display at the United Nations and venues across the U.S. The challenges are themed on issues important to women around the world and are a call for awareness and action to improve the lives of women everywhere.

Dorry Swain, Great Blue Heron
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Allison Wilbur, Spring Raindrops
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I expect this exhibit of beautiful craftwork will bring some added warmth to Sibley Hall this winter.

This exhibit is made possible by the Groton Public Library Endowment Trust.

Ken Hansen,