Places Recalled:
Nina Earley, SaraNoa Mark, Darcy Schultz

October 25 - December 24, 2016

Tidal Wave
Darcy Schultz, Tidal Wave, oil on canvas

Each of our three featured artists addresses landscape in a unique and non-literal fashion. The places referenced may be from memory, personal significance, or purely from imagination.

Nina Earley
Nina Earley, Memory Fragments 6,
cyanotype on silver gelatin
preprint with stitched lines

Nina Earley was born in Basel, Switzerland. She received her BA in International Relations, Economics, and Fine Art from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada, and her MFA in Visual Arts from Lesley University College of Art and Design. She creates work that exists in between different media, utilizing aspects of drawing, painting, sewing, and photography. By making use of memories of places she knows well, she creates abstracted maps that allow the viewer to dwell in a space of remembering. The lines are drawn from walks that now exist only in her memory; one can never find his or her place in them. Most recently she was the first Artist-In-Residence at The Umbrella Community Arts Center in Concord, Massachusetts, and now continues her studio practice in the Boston area.

SaraNoa Mark holds a BFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and made the President’s list as a painting major at Pratt Institute. She currently lives in Chicago. Her Artist statement reads, "The content of my artwork is inextricable from the process of its production. I pursue the physical act of deconstructing surfaces through a process of cumulative mark making, a process that lives between destruction and creation. I use carving tools in my drawing process to irritate, scratch, poke, cut, and crawl on paper and fabrics to create sculptural drawings and paper sculptures asking when do works on paper become works of paper?"

SaraNoa Mark
SaraNoa Mark, Siena Saw Me Red, mixed media

Darcy Schultz lives in Groton. She attended the University of Wisconsin Green Bay where she self-designed a Bachelor of Arts degree combining art, psychology, and ecology. She also has minors in Art and Biology. She went on to get a Masters of Art in Art Therapy. About the exhibit she writes, "This series is my intuitive response to the human body’s experience of spiritual landscape, rooted deeply in earth, sea, and sky. My time spent trekking through wild areas is fused into these works."

There will be a gallery reception with the artists on Thursday, November 17, 6:30-8:30 pm, with a talk by the artists from 7:00-8:00 pm. All are welcome.

This exhibit is made possible by the Groton Public Library Endowment Trust.

Ken Hansen,