Newburyport Air: Scenery from Cape Ann
by Members of the Newburyport Art Association

September 6 - October 22, 2016

October Marsh
Susan Spellman, October Marsh, oil on canvas

Dale Partis Greene, Moonlight, oil on canvas

Shorter days and increasingly chilly mornings seems like a good time to bring the outdoors inside, serving to ease the transition to autumn and the back-to-work turn of mind. In that spirit, I am pleased to introduce a group of devotees to the painterly interpretation of their local landscape.

Calling themselves the Newburyport 10, these members of the Newburyport Art Association joined to organize regular outdoor painting sessions in the environs of the uniquely beautiful Cape Ann. Formed in 2000 and meeting weekly, the group membership has fluctuated a bit. Our exhibit features nine participating artists. They are Cynthia Cooper of Newbury, Dale Partis Greene and Janet Sutherland of Ipswich, Susan Jaworski-Stranc of Lowell, Margery Jennings of Amesbury, Marjet Lesk, Susan Luca, J.N. MacLeod and Susan Spellman of Newburyport.

Autumn Colors Crane Estate
Susan Luca, Autumn Colors Crane Estate,
oil on canvas

Saturday, October 1, 3:00 pm

Susan Jaworski-Stranc and Susan Spellman will present OUT IN THE OPEN, a 30 minute power point presentation and talk about the art of plein air painting. The 30 minute talk will includes a brief history in the development of plein air painting as well as a discussion about the equipment and painting techniques used by artists who enjoy painting outdoors.

Saturday, October 1, 2:30-4:30 pm

There will be a gallery reception with the artists. All are welcome.

This exhibit is made possible by the Groton Public Library Endowment Trust.

Ken Hansen,

Summer Field
Marjet Lesk, Summer Field, oil on canvas
Barely Dawn
Janet MacLeod, Barely Dawn, pastel, paper

A Curve at Low Tide
Marjet Lesk, A Curve at Low Tide, oil on canvas