Monotypes and Paintings
by Pamela Lawson & Jill Pottle

8 December 2008 – 28 February 2009

Jill Pottle, Tree at Fruitlands Museum, oil on canvas

Jill Pottle and Pamela Lawson are two artists who live on the same road just a mile or so apart in Lunenburg. While their work for the most part travels different paths, they share a love of landscape and wide-open spaces.

Pamela Lawson works from her Lunenburg studio, a small space with beautiful light overlooking birds performing aerial dances in a spacious hay field. This sense of space pervades her work. Her monotypes are moody and evoke a sense of mystery. There are paths leading off into the horizon, where do they lead? There is a dog in a triptych, where is she going? The moon shines down, the colors shift, and we are left with a sense of solemnity and quiet mystery. In Northern Moon (on loan from the Powers Gallery), a sweeping coral sky hangs down over paler shades of pink and violet. The tracks leading into the distance might be from a truck or off road vehicle, or perhaps are simply the ruts of a dirt road, the edges of which are difficult to discern in the gloaming. There is a sensation of light fading as you gaze at the monotype. Pamela’s hand is sure and swift and subtle in a medium in which an artist must work quickly lest the paint dry before she makes the print.

If you could see Jill Pottle’s studio, you would know her for the painting fanatic that she is. She paints landscapes, figures, roosters, teapots, Styrofoam coffee cups and antique boxes of silverware painted large and shiny in a riotous love affair with reflection. This show features her outdoor work: landscapes, waterscapes and houses with power lines connecting them to us and the rest of the world. Her brushwork is loose, flexible like a good yoga pose but with underlying muscle to its action. In Tree at Fruitlands Museum, Jill skillfully chisels the forms with minimal brush strokes. Like Pamela, Jill is working quickly here, for light is ephemeral and must be captured in a few hours before the shadows, highlights and colors are eviscerated by the changing light.

Jill and Pamela both love the light up north and “Down East.” They reflect this light and its associated colors in their work in personal, thoughtful and skillful ways. These Lunenburg neighbors travel far both geographically and internally to bring this work to you. Enjoy.

There will be a reception with the artists on Sunday, January 11, from 2 - 4 p.m. This event is free and open to the public.

This exhibit is made possible by the Groton Public Library Endowment Trust. The artists’ talk is funded by the Groton Trust Funds Lecture Fund.

Full Moon Up North, monotype by Pamela Lawson
House, Swan’s Island, oil painting by Jill Pottle