October 19 - December 9, 2017

Surrenden Farm by Terry Turrell
Surrenden Farm by Terry Durrell

Cigar Tree (Things aren’t what they seem)
by Elizabeth Goldring

A leaf surfaces the pool
Swimming like a frog.
The ochre stones of the mending wall
Look like our old dog
Hunkering down.
One cloud eats another.

Poppies redden
In eyes
Still drowsy with today’s early light.

Hornet's Nest by Elizabeth Goldring
Hornet's Nest by Elizabeth Goldring

Eight distinguished artists with Groton roots have contributed a diverse range of work to this exhibit. As a common thread, each draws inspiration from their surroundings–whimsical imaginative wanderings in some, and more direct interpretations in others, but all sparked by a love for a place they call home.

The Wildwood Sunshine by Jeanne Borofsky
The Wildwood Sunshine by Jeanne Borofsky

In the paintings of Katherine Bell and Jeanne Borofsky elements of fantasy subtly introduce themselves into idyllic settings. The bucolic riverside environs of the Carvers’ Guild workshop inform Carol Kanner’s graceful mirror frame designs. Terry Durell, Scott Wilson, and Sharon Wooding study the local landscape and render their impressions to lovely results. Mimi Matisse takes us into the studio of husband Paul Matisse in an enlightening video presentation. Elizabeth Goldring fascinates us with her multi-dimensional talents in poetry and experimental photography based on retinal imaging technology. In addition, Elizabeth will be sharing sketchbooks filled with drawings by her late husband Otto Peine.

Mary Lou's Cabbage by Sharon Wooding
Mary Lou's Cabbage by Sharon Wooding

The Light Silo is a book collaboration featuring poetry by Elizabeth accompanied by selected drawings from the Otto Peine sketchbooks. Many of the drawings reflect observations made at their Groton home. A copy of the book will be available for inspection at the exhibit.

On Wednesday, November 8, at 7:00 pm in Sibley Hall, Elizabeth will do a public reading of poems from the book. All are welcome.

This exhibit is made possible by the Groton Public Library Endowment Trust.

Ken Hansen,

Autumn Hill's Peach Orchard by Katherine Bell
Autumn Hill's Peach Orchard by Katherine Bell