GPL's Magic Academy

Earn your degree at home by completing ten magical classes!
At home magical fun for wizards ages 5 - 18 and families

How the program works:

1. Sign up for GPL's Magic Academy – click HERE to enroll. You can also download detailed instructions in PDF format. Individuals can sign up with their own library cards or families can use one card to sign up together.

2. Check out the Magic Academy classes listed below for your assignments. Complete an activity from each class and you will earn your Magic Academy degree. Only one activity is required to complete each class.

Magic Academy student

3. When you complete an activity for a class, LOG IT ONLINE. Enter the class name where the form says "title" and a professor's name in the "author" field. For detailed instructions to log your classes, you can download detailed instructions in PDF format. Note: You do not need to enter an ISBN, but a pop-up will ask if you want to — just click cancel to continue.

4. Once you complete activities for and log all ten classes you will earn a GPL Magic Academy diploma and report card! The diploma and report card will be printed and mailed to your home.

Select a Class (in any order):

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Some Magical Tips & Tricks!

quill and scroll

  • When you view class assignments, pay special attention to underlined words. These are actually links to different videos and/or websites to help you complete certain activities!

  • If you want to do a different activity to complete a class, please email for prior approval.

  • GPL would love to share some of these magical moments on our social media! If you are willing to share any fun photos or videos you take while you earn your degree, please email them to

  • If at any time you are confused about GPL's Magic Academy, please feel free to email