Trustees of the Library

The Library Board of Trustees consists of six members who are elected for staggered terms of three years. The Board establishes and oversees policy for the governing of the library.

The Board has regular monthly meetings and other meetings as needed. The Trustees receive no remuneration for their services.

Groton Public Library Trustees – 2017-2018

David Zeiler, Chair

Mark Gerath, Member

Kristen von Campe, Member

Jane Allen, Member

Marilyn (Mimi) Dabritz, Vice-Chair

Nancy Wilder, Secretary

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2018 Library Building Envelope Assessment Report

Supporting Documentation:

2016 Library Trustees Board Photo. From left: Nancy Wilder, David Zeiler,
Marilyn (Mimi) Dabritz, Kristen Von Campe, Mark Gerath, Jane Allen