About the Library

Welcome to the Groton Public Library.

As our mission statement reads, “The library offers a vibrant and welcoming sanctuary to spark curiosity and open minds.” We hope you use this website and visit the Library often to spark your curiosity, and in doing so, serendipitously find music, art, programs, a new favorite author, and yes, even a place to escape—a sanctuary. The library’s vibrancy stems from heavy daily use (GPL has one of the highest uses-per-capita in the state with 21 check-outs per person annually) and numerous programs, including: 6 book discussion groups; a summer reading program for kids, teens, and adults; a winter reading program for kids and teens; and 23 museum passes; as well as free online databases and downloadable ebooks, eaudiobooks, and music. As a sanctuary, we offer quiet study rooms and spaces, along with comfortable chairs facing west, overlooking the meadows where one can read, reflect, and refresh.

However you use your library, the staff is here to help you with all your library and information needs and strives to assist you in a friendly and professional manner.  We appreciate the great support we receive from this community and we always welcome your suggestions to make your library better.

Vanessa Abraham
Library Director

2015 Community Survey Highlights: GPL_Library_Survey_Highlights.pdf
2015 Presentation to Board of Selectmen: GPL_Library_Survey_Presentation.pdf
2016-2020 Long Range Plan: GPL_Long_Range_Plan_2016-2020.pdf
FY2017 Action Plan: FY2017_Groton_Library_Action_Plan.pdf



65,300 books
6,500 DVDs
6,000 audiobooks & music CDs
139 magazine & newspaper subscriptions

USAGE (2015)

Lent 195,065 items
Engaged 9,611 people at 672 programs and events
Provided 18,235 free downloaded ebooks, eaudiobooks, and emusic
Taught 17 classes, or 402 students, from Groton Elementary Schools about library resources and services, and supplied every child with a library card.
Registered 246 teens for summer reading, and they read 1,642 books
Signed up 591 children for summer reading
Celebrated 168 kids and teens who participated in the winter reading program and read over 600 books
Answered 5,354 questions about reading, reference, or using technology
Connected people to wireless internet 9,303 times
Patron searched the library’s databases (e.g. Ancestry) 30,979 times
Greeted 102,078 visitors to the Library

GPL Annual Reports: